RMS (Record Management System) Util


A couple weeks ago I got an AudioVox Flasher V7 (aka. the AudioVox 8910) from VirginMobile. I had already written Java apps that ran on the SonyEricsson T610 (which btw, is now my absolute favorite mobile phone, with its only negative being the J2ME on there is MIDP 1.0 instead of 2.0) and I wanted to run these programs on my AudioVox also. Anyway, VirginMobile is not allowing WAP access to anyone but their own site so I had to find another way to put the Java apps on the phone. I got a datacable and the BitPim program and I was able to connect to the phone just find, however when I added my .jar files to the phone, they didn't appear on the menus. So I noticed in the MYGAMES directory, there was an rms.db file. Anyway, came up with the need to output the data from this file and be able to add more records to it, therefore I wrote rms_util.

My success with this program has been the following: I was able to update my rms.db file and add it to the phone along with the .jar files, however, the phone was not happy with what I did, and did not let me run my .jar file. Hopefully soon I'll be able to figure out why and update this program along with better instructions of how to load the phone with Java and Ringtones.

Btw, if anyone needs the SPC (service code), on my phone (which I assume is the same for all Virgin Mobile phones) the number is 072096.


Modifying your phone using BitPim and this program CAN make your phone not turn on. Use at your own risk. This program is quite untested. When I tested this program on my phone, the phone would reboot any time i entered the "MY GAMES" folder. The phone stopped functioning properly until I put the old rms files back. I've also heard of people modifying their 8910 phone and the phone refusing to turn on altogether so BE CAREFUL. You CAN ruin your phone.

Uses For rms_util

This program currently serves two purposes. First of all it can list all records out of an RMS database file. Secondly, it can add records to an rms file. This was designed for adding only ringtones and java programs, but if it is found useful, it will be updated to provide more support.

How To Use rms_util

If you'd like a list of rms_util options, simply just type at the command prompt:


If you have an rms file and you'd like to get it's contents you can type:

./rms_util -list rms.db

If you would like to add a java j2me file to an rms.db file you can type:

./rms_util -add myfile.jad 100 -folder MYGAMES rms.db


rms_util-1.00.tar.gz (Unix Src Code) (Windows Binaries)

If you need this program on another operating system, email me and I'll build you a binary. Otherwise I don't really see anyone with Windows really using this so I'm not wasting my time building one.

This page will probably eventually move and become a part of my Ringtone Tools project

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