Posted: Sometime in 1996

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JavaBrot Parameters

Real Center Imaginary Center
count inc. count %
Zmax Zoom
radius Watch It?

Help For JavaBrot

What is a JavaBrot?

A JavaBrot is a picture rendered in Java using the Mandelbrot function Z = Z^2 + c. My friend Joe Davisson wrote a mandelbrot generating program in C that calculates parts of the image and uses it to help estimate the rest of the image in order to make things go faster. I took his code and converted it over to Java, and this was the result.

The settings do the following:

Real Center: The real coordinate for the center of the JavaBrot.
Imaginary Center: The imaginary coordinate for the center of the JavaBrot. Use this and real center to pin point the center on the complex plane that you would like to look for fractals.
count: How many iterations to do before kicking out. The higher the number, the nicer the brot and more you can zoom in. The lower the number, the faster it will render.
inc. count %: Every time you click, you can force the count value to go up by a certain percent. This will get you better zooms, but will slow the process down. It uses this formula: new count=old count + (old count * inc count / 100) so a value of 0 for inccount will make count stay the same every time.
zmax: MandelBrot defines this as 2. If the Z in the iterations formula gets past 2, you are supposed to kick out and color it black. We allow you to break this rule if you want. A higher value will slow it down and probably not change the picture much.
zoom: Zoom simply changes the radius by this formula: new radius = old radius / zoom.
radius: Radius is how much of the complex plane you are viewing. If this is a small value, it will show you deeper in the mandel brot (zooming you in).
watch it: Watch the Mandelbrot as it's being generated.
Get Values: This will get all the current values from JavaBrot and put them in the applicable text boxes.
Reset: Reset all the boxes back to presets and re-render.

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