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Fretless Guitar

Posted: May 2009?


So around 1995 or so I traded a reverb pedal for this crappy Series 10 guitar. After I got it, I pulled all the frets off of it and filled in the gaps with wood filler. I got a good deal on these DiMarzio PAF Pro guitar pickups that the guitar store down the street couldn't sell. Apprently someone ordered them in these odd colors and couldn't pay for them. Luckily they match the hideous color that the previous owner of this guitar used to paint it. Oddly I really like the sound of these pickups. Normally I'm not a big fan of normal humbuckers, but these actually have a really nice tone.

I also scallop my own guitars. For more info on that click here.

Sound Files

Wow, I suck at playing this thing. Yesterday was the first time I even attempted this guitar in probably 5 years or more. I almost never played it anyway. And I'm so out of tune :(. Owell. I recorded this with my modified DOD YJM Overdrive pedal into a DOD digital day into a Mini-Marshall amp that runs on a 9 volt battery.

fretless1.mp3 - Powerchord type stuff
fretless2.mp3 - Single notes

I also more recently used this guitar for music on part of the Playstation 2 demo I made.


Fretless Guitar 1

Here is a full pictures of the guitar.

Fretless Guitar 2

Here is a close-up of the fretboard.

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