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CNN IQ Raiser - Mozilla Firefox Extension


Out of all the news sites, I think the layout of is one of the easiest to sift through (or used to be). All the main articles are in a list at the top and all the categories with lists of sub-articles below. Pretty nice. The only two problems with this website is they seem to cater to people with a very low IQ and they sometimes post interesting sounding links that are video only. So this extension will help you filter out any articles that have to do with people like Justin Bieber and the royal wedding in England and other things that people with an IQ over 80 just don't care about. It will also now add a link below video links that try and search for the same story using Google News. The newest version will filter out comments since those tend to be insensitive and a lot of the times racist.

This is actually my very first Firefox extension :).

How It Works

After installing this Firefox Add-On, anytime you visit and there is an article that has key words such as "Bieber", "Royal Wedding", "Diddy", "Will and Kate", etc, those links will be replaced with a red message indicated it has been filtered. Clicking on that link will let you know the article is filtered. This extension is all open-source so feel free to look at what I did before installing it to make sure it's to your liking.


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