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I've been playing around with the web browser in the Playstation Portable lately. I put a couple games together using Javascript/CSS. It's kinda a bitch since the browser doesn't seem to support a lot of things. I was really hoping I could use the PSP keypad and such but the keydown event handler doesn't seem to work. Also, I couldn't dynamically create layers so I wrote a shell script and PHP to write out some html for me :). These programs will work on a normal webbrowser too.

Jumble Puzzle

This is a port of my Java J2ME based Jumble Puzzle to Javascript/CSS so that it can run on the PSP. Point the browser on your PSP here:


This is Freecell which I wrote from scratch. It runs in both a regular web browser and on the PSP webbrowser. Even tho I tried to slim down the graphics and code and such, it still runs a little bit slow on the PSP sometimes. Anyway point your PSP web browser to the following URL:

If you'd like to install Freecell on a memory stick so you can use it on your PSP download either the .zip or .tar.gz below, extract the files, and put them on your memory stick. If you installed it on the root directory of your memory stick, you can open the PSP's web browser and open the location: file:/freecell.html

2008-January-27 - There was a bug that didn't appear on the PSP but appeared on all other browsers. Had to do with zIndex being processed as a string intead of a number :(. Anyway, I just tested it on PSP, Playstation3, Wii, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, and i think it's working fine now. I've also heard the older version works on the iPhone with the same zIndex bug, so it should know work on the iPhone too. I added a feature also so if you select on a card, it will let you know on the right side what the card is. So if a card is hidden and you can't see the suite, if you can click on it. Only negative is the new version is running a little slower on the PSP :(.


Older Version

PSP Videos

Here is a script that uses FFMPEG to create videos that can play on the PSP. To use this script, download the latest ffmpeg source code and configure with: --enable-gpl --enable-xvid --enable-faac.

Simply download this script (and edit it if you need to) and rename it Then from your Linux/Unix prompt (or mys prompt on Microsoft Windows) type:

sh infile.avi m4v10000

and this script will create a m4v10000.mp4 and a m4v10000.thm where the mp4 file is the actual video and the thm file is a thumbnail that gets displayed from the PSP video menu.

Note, video files must fit the format m4v1xxxx where xxxx is a number from 0000 to whatever. The videos and thumbnails must be placed in the mp_root/100mnv01 directory on your memory stick.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions...

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