BMP to ICO Converter

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This is a little program I wrote that will archive multiple bmp's of dimensions 16x16, 32x32, and/or 64x64 into a Windows .ico file which can be used as a favicon.ico file for your web page. The program takes 2 or more command line arguments. The first is the output .ico file and any thing after that are considered bmp's. So for example, if you wanted a favicon.ico made out of 2 bmp's called pic1.bmp and pic2.bmp you can type from the command line:

bmp2ico favicon.ico pic1.bmp pic2.bmp

I'm not sure why you'd want multiple bmp's in a favicon. Maybe the web browser will pick the best sized icon to diplay. Multiple sized icons are useful tho for icons for your Windows executable files. By the way, my Ringtone Tools program can create .ico files also.


bmp2ico-1.01.tar.gz (Unix Src) (Windows Exe)

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