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GIF and LZW Compression/Decompression

Here is a library I made for compressing/decompression GIF images. I'm releasing this library under LGPL. Should be pretty easy to use and I've included some sample programs include a pretty fast cropping program. This library can compress/decompress to/from memory and supports gif89a transparency.

For a partial explanation of LZW click here.

gif_crop, gif2ascii, gif2html

I included 3 sample programs that use libkohn_gif. One will crop gifs, another will turn a gif into ascii art, and the third will turn the gif into an html table.

An example of an image run through the gif2html can be seen here:

Original GIF Output HTML Image

Update (January 20, 2012): For some reason I had some global variables in the original code. I took them out so multiple decompression/compression could be done at the same time. I also refactored some memory allocation so multiple malloc()'s become just 1. I also improved the performance a bit.


libkohn_gif-2012-01-20.tar.gz (Source Code) (Windows DLL)

Older versions:
libkohn_gif-2009-01-27.tar.gz (Source Code) (Windows DLL)

The following is an lzw compressor/decompressor with no GIF headers and such. I wrote it for a proof of concept for a future project.

lzw-2004-08-20.tar.gz (Source Code)

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